PEARL MOVIE (spoilers)

hiii bitches

OMG SO. Ive been watching alot of movies lately but i wanted to specifically talk about this movie Pearl and y it was soo fucking amazing


pearl was a fantastic movie, i loved every second of it. theres something so connecting about her longing for a better life but being stuck in a small life she hates. the audition scene was an incredible sequence and i loved the use of the backround changing and the extra dancers . especially her red dress. the dress stands out in such a way that makes her seem different to other characters. even when her sister in law was auditoning too, her dress (although still classy and fancy or whatever) doesnt stand out as much as pearl's bright red dress. i feel like her dress symbolizes how different she is from other characters, and how she is although near them, she cannot connect to her peers. the contrast in smiles from the audition scene to the credits was briliant. pearl smiles in such a way weve never seen before when she is audtioning, but when howard returns home after her killings, her smile is so forced and painful while she cries through it.

amazing movie!!!!! has anyone else here watched it?? id love to know your thoughts on it !!

i also have a movie blog im hoping to revive soon, would anyone be interested in reading it? i plan on writing more formally about other movies on there :)


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