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Introduction to me :P

Yo, figured I'd make one of these in case anyone wanted to know more about me.

Name's Elliot, but you can call me moat or dipshit, if you'd like. I'm 17. And in case you're interested in astrology or something, I'm a cancer and my personality type is INFJ.

I've got a pet tarantula named Professor Chaos, and I love him with every fiber of my being!

my main interests:

I'm an aspiring musician(I play drums), ghost hunter, amateur bug pinner, maker of art, and I'm also a bit of gamer ;P. My favorite games are;  minecraft, phasmaphobia, scott pilgrim vs. the world, black ops 2(I only play zombies lol), undertale, and night in the woods.

I enjoy all sorts of music, but a few of my favorite genres are; industrial metal, classic rock, midwest emo, and folk punk.

A few of my favorite shows/podcasts in media are; blood in the bayou(jrwi), welcome to night vale, don't hug me, I'm scared, homestuck,

Helluva boss, Local 58, and metal family.


Sauce packets, sugar packets, teeth, cassette tapes, horror movies, bones,

random junk I find on the ground, plastic dinosaurs, and plastic insects.


My only real boundary is for people to tell me if I upset them. I just want to know how to actually fix my mistake. And I cannot handle the undying unknown of someone's emotions.


I don't usually message people first, because I'm a coward. But I'm always up to chat. I also don't really use tonetags, but if you need them, I'll happily oblige in doing so.

I'm really trying to get better at being active on here, but we'll see how long that lasts lol.
Also, I swear I don't normally use capitalization and periods as religiously as I am in this. 
I'm just trying to look fancy.

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peepee poopoo :(

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why thank you, kind sir

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