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General game dev update #1

Thanks for stopping by! Here's a nice song for your troubles!

Flyday china Town Yasuha

Hey there! For anyone who finds this and doesn't know who I am; I go by Wubzi, I develop PC and web games, and I like posting about them on spacehey! This is an update on my current projects and development in general. My goal is to post one of these updates every Saturday, so please remind me if I've forgotten!

-------Special Announcement-------

One of the artists I'm working with needs to earn a little bit of money so he's opened commissions. He needs your help finding orders! I know some of you awesome people would like to commission him yourself, or know someone who might want to so please check out his commissions. He's really cool, and you should send him an IM just to let him know!

Games in progress:

I have a number of games in progress right now with different collaborators, I'll post updates for each below when I have news! Hopefully soon some of these will mature enough to get their own dedicated updates.

Cylings VN Project

This is a short Visual Novel with some branching dialogue and consequential player choice. It's based on a universe, characters, and art made by a really cool artist I met here on spacehey who goes by Lain. (Send them a friend request!!) So far I have basic timelines and some placeholder menus in engine, and Lain has some of the script written and concept art that's in progress:
and some very relatable doodles:

Unnamed Action game

I'm also working on a sort of bullet-hell action game with another artist from spacehey. I haven't asked them yet if they want to be named here though, so for now I'll just talk a bit about what I've done. Basic movement and and animation state machine are working, posting clips will have to wait until next update though. Mechanically it will be similar to some of the other top down melee bullet hell games out there, but with a parrying ability and some other neat mechanics that will keep it interesting. This one is also using some very cool unique characters and art and I can't wait to show you all more!

Unnamed Point and Click

Another very talented artist reached out to me on spacehey and offered to make something together, and we've decided to do a point-and-click along the lines of Needy Streamer Overload, but with some very different themes and moods. This is another project I'm excited to talk more about! This one is still early on in development but I have taken some time to prototype some basic point and click mechanics.

Thanks for reading!!

That's all for this week, thanks everyone who reads these and thanks to all the really awesome artists who reach out to collaborate. IM me any time if you'd like to work together! I may not have time to start new projects at the moment but I'm happy to keep in touch until I do.

My IMs are always open to all of you! Just reach out if you want to chat!

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hey uhh, i love that you're trying get more friends, and that's great, but im 13 so idk about it, I am OBSESSED with the idea of making games and its cool! sounds like pretty hard work lol

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ive never known anyone who has made their own games and these ideas r so sick :)

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these seem like super cool projects ! def make sure to take care of yourself, but i hope you're able to have a lot of fun developing them n all !

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Thanks!! The people I'm working with are all super cool and chill and no one is under any pressure. Thanks so much for being so nice!!

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that’s good to hear ! i’m glad it feels low pressure n fun :]

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As others have said, that is certainly a lot of projects at once, make sure not to burn yourself out.

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Thanks! You're right, it's a lot. Thankfully the scope is small for all of them and everyone is very chill about how quickly things get done.

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Closed Captions

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That is a ton of projects.. Good luck with your game development ventures! :3

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also i really hope you make some kind of gamedev tutorial in the future cause i REALLY wanna get into it someday.

by Closed Captions; ; Report

Thanks a lot! You're not the only one to ask about it, so I'll keep that in mind!

by Wubzilla; ; Report

Wow I second this idea!

by Lurm ✩彡; ; Report

Lurm ✩彡

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woah that's a handful of projects!!! have fun!! :3

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Thanks! It's already been very cool seeing some of these ideas take shape

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