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more about me!


name: baby q
nickname: don't have any but someone pleaseee give me one i beg!
age: 14
pronouns: she / her
siblings: 2
straight/bi/gay: u don't need to know


hair color: dark brown
eye color: reallyyyy dark brown
height: 5 foot ;(
dye your hair: i'm thinking on either dying it blond or dark red. i'm too indecisive!
have bangs: nuh uh
have braces: no but i def need some
wear glasses: yup and i love them!
wear contacts: they scare me
piercings: just the basic ear piercings but i'm looking into getting some more
tattoos: too young but i'm sooo gonna get some when i'm older


Color: pink and blue
Movie: the monster high + barbie ones
TV show: hell's kitchen
animal: pangolin! they're my fav because of wild kratts
drink: mango ANYTHING
food: menudo 
day of the week: friday
season: winter
song: X by penomeco, obsession by exo, and Life is a Bi... by bibi
sport: cheer
restaurant: there's too many good ones to decide ;(
subject: THEATRE
holiday: christmas
book: mob psycho 100, lookism, and chainsaw man!


summer or winter: winter because i get to be comfy and get presents
cats or dogs: dogs! i love my dog miku!!
Pepsi or Coke: dr. pepper on top!
cell phone or Ipod: phone i'm literally obsessed
ocean or pool: pool i feel wayyy safer
black or white: black because it's easy to dirty white
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate but caramel is my fave
rock or rap: rock
TV or movie: tv
stars or hearts: stars
gold or silver: silver all the way!
kisses or hugs: hugs
pen or pencil: pencil BUT only mechanical


taken or single: single i need someone fr
got a crush: yes <3

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