school is draining me

I hate school because everyday i see my ex and i hate how he looks at me and it really pisses me off, and his stupid short ass gay furry ass gremlin looking best friend always gives me death stares and a few days ago he ran up to me and said "lesbian freak" like the fuck you know damn well you shouldn't say that to me because you tried dating me when me and Andrew were together and plus you shouldn't be talking to me because we almost started a fight and i can start a fight in seconds. all i did to him was pull his hair and push him really hard and he tried to grab my hair but i ran away quickly before he could even touch me. people in my classes are so annoying, my ex's friend Chloe is always getting in my business and always talking to me like can you stfu for once and let me mind my own business? she always spits and she can act like she's on my side when i know damn well she's on Andrews side because someone told me that she's on his side and she's just faking to feel sorry for me but i don't need her sympathy, i don't need them in my life i have other friends that are better than them but the most important person in my life is Hanna because she's the best person i have ever met in my entire life. My friend Sarah is annoying too she's always yelling at me and stuff and it makes me wanna stop being friends with her and if she doesn't stop acting like a brat. Plus I'm really happy that I'm not friends with Olivia anymore, she was a brat and annoying as hell and she was so toxic and judged everything I did or liked. My life is just really tiring but if I have my friends and Hanna then I'll be just fine.

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wtf am i why am i not included in 'friends" hm?? what u tryibg ti say dood
meet me outside

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sorry woke up today feeling a little silly xp

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