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I wish my family would feel what it’s like not being yourself

My mom told me again that if she was me she would dress like a girl because she thinks I would look good like that. Then she put my bangs backward and her and sister said I shouldn’t not hide my forehead, they will never understand dysphoria :( as they say I have ‘’natural beauty'' which I’m hiding and small nose which people get with surgery. It’s not excuse to tell me what to do. I’m not harming anyone with being myself  

In middle school I had ponytail but I would imagine that I had bangs when some hair would fall on my forehead, I had rainbow dash bangs which I was wearing sometimes after lesson, I thought it made me look like boy. In 9-th grade they let me have bangs but made me hide it with hair pin at home. When I was like 7 I told them I wanted bangs and they said it would be uncomfortable. So many years after that and they still act like that. Why can’t they leave alone my hair and other things 

It must be so hard to imagine that I might not want to look like how they want 🤯 lol 

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me too
I wish my parents would know how it fells to not be yourself

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Really? I’m sorry I don’t understand if it’s serious or not, if yes then I’m sorry. When not being myself I mean not being able to dress and express myself certain way because they are controlling and close minded

by Isaac; ; Report

im being serious

by ImaNaughtyGrl; ; Report

i'm so sorry

by ImaNaughtyGrl; ; Report

Thanks and I’m sorry you have to deal with that

by Isaac; ; Report

No, it's okay!
sorry for the late reply, my parents don't know I have this, So I have to go on it at school

by ImaNaughtyGrl; ; Report

It’s fine, I’m sorry again

by Isaac; ; Report

Sorry for the late reply

by ImaNaughtyGrl; ; Report

It’s fine, hope you’re doing okay. I have good news. tomorrow I’m going to talk with lawyer

by Isaac; ; Report

For what? are you okay?

by ImaNaughtyGrl; ; Report

And I'm doing great

by ImaNaughtyGrl; ; Report

Good to hear that

TW: sexual ass@ult

It’s because of my mom and dad. They aren’t normal, they both sexually assaulted me and victim blamed me. My mom is still acting weird

by Isaac; ; Report