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the uchi no 3 shimai ds 3 problem

btw i just got done translating the website for utagassen [ds 3] so please check it out  there's nothing ground breaking but i had fun: https://www.tumblr.com/3shimai/729255695321579520/this-took-obscenely-long-please-enjoy-it

ds 3 has a mechanic where you sing karaoke into the ds mic
however i found even on real hardware [albeit using twilight menu] it did not work at all, but using white noise on an emulator   kinda works  highest score i got is 51 which is a barely pass

i dont know if this is a anti-piracy measure or just incompatibility but either way it confuses me

you can see in this screenshot that there are more outfits / unlockables than i have been able to get from just winning all the board games once or buying them from the shop
so that might suggest there's something i have to do? but it's really not clear

of course there isnt a guide on this game and i will not be the one to write one so im not sure what to do from here

"unlock new items by watching oppeke theaters" yeah but how do i get those theaters to trigger in the first place??


edit: later update, it seems buying all the karaoke tracks in the shop i missed has given me a new oppeke theater.... really??

okaasan: けっこういろんななものをかったよね~
fu: うん! おかいものっておもしろいな〜
okaasan: そうだよね, だけどほしいものがたくさんありすぎて.
su: そんなのしんぱいしなくてもだいじょうぶでそ
okaasan: ス、なんで
su: ほしいものはぜんぶかえばいいでそ
okaasan: それができればくろうしないんだけど…
fu: よし!このちょうしでおみせにあるものぜんぶかっちゃおう~!
su: それがいいだわよ!
okasann: ちょとまちなさい!

su is suggesting mom should buy everything to her suprise, so ill try that

edit 2: buying everything in the shop did nothing further
edit 3: while i was recording the karaoke songs for a video [as in playing all of them and failing] it gave me a new oppeke theater so that might suggest you do alot of a certain thing??

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