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Always Visible (Another Prayer for the Dying Horror Genre) is my literary work in the public domain.

Based on "Omen IV: The Awakening" and dedicated to Asia Molly Vieira.


Middle-aged police inspector at Portland is taken to investigate a strange and puzzling case related to an accident at a local hospital.

To unravel the mystery, inspector Galbraith visits a offender, who supply him with a host of information about a certain little girl named Delia...

Table of contents:

Zero Act - Que Difícil é Ser Escravo de Deus!

*Chapter N.I

*Chapter N.II

*Chapter N.III

*Chapter N.IV

*Chapter N.V

*Chapter N.VI

*Chapter N.VII

*Chapter N.VIII

*Chapter N.IX

*Chapter N.X

*Chapter N.XI

*Chapter N.XII

*Chapter N.XIII

*Chapter N.XIV

*Chapter N.XV

*Chapter N.XVI

*Chapter N.XVII

First Act - Tempo De Construção Novamente

*Chapter I.I

*Chapter I.II

*Chapter I.III

*Chapter I.IV

*Chapter I.V

*Chapter I.VI

*Chapter I.VII

*Chapter I.VIII

*Chapter I.IX

*Chapter I.X

*Chapter I.XI

*Chapter I.XII

*Chapter I.XIII

Second Act - Uma Moldura Quebrada

*Chapter II.I 

*Chapter II.II 

*Chapter II.III 

*Chapter II.IV 

*Chapter II.V 

*Chapter II.VI 

*Chapter II.VII 

*Chapter II.VIII 

*Chapter II.IX 

*Chapter II.X 

*Chapter II.XI 

*Chapter II.XII

Third Act - Qualquer ou Uma Grande Recompensa

*Chapter III.I

*Chapter III.II

*Chapter III.III

*Chapter III.IV

*Chapter III.V

*Chapter III.VI

*Chapter III.VII

*Chapter III.VIII

*Chapter III.IX

*Chapter III.X

*Chapter III.XI

*Chapter III.XII

*Chapter III.XIII

*Chapter III.XIV

*Chapter III.XV

*Chapter III.XVI

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