★//Update - Spiritual stuff :p

// Well im bored and it's 12 am, I might as well update here since i haven't posted anything on here. Alot has changed; ghoulie turned about to be a total creep and asshole and the server went inactive, but me and kris are thankfully together. I'm glad im still with her and growing with her, She has been so understanding for the past 6-7 months. I could not ask for another one like or better than her. I could gush about her all night and all year if i could. 

// But not only that but recently, since im spiritual, Im putting stuff like Willowscript (A written language), Collect Moon/Rain water, and burning messages into my practices. I have also met another deity / upper spirit (?) by the name of Beauregard, A french name which means Beautiful gaze, (I call him beau, kinda pronounced as "bow") and from what i can tell, he is a faceless man with a Fancy suit and vest, Almost like a moon consider how pale he is, and He apparently is from (or takes lot from) the 1800's. I have noticed that he always had some sort of train and possibly the conducter of such, and his rooms seems to be a dark minty-ish green. 

// He seems to be either incharge of the moons (Like how eris, the main deity / eldrich being i work with, is the eyes of the universe as he uses starts as his eyes) considering there is much resemblance with him and his role. I have always gotten messages from eris or atleast a feeling to let the moon guide me, i suppose i know why. From me and my girlfriend's communications with Beau, He said that i was " Choosen for him" and a wildcard, even being around death, along with me and kris being one of the "pure" ones. 

// I suppose what he ment by I was the chosen one for him could mean something, considering i was meant to experience like as a human being. or maybe that he too was waiting for the right time for me to know his existence as a Spirit/Deity, Alot like how i met Eris back in February. It could also explain why i continue to check if the moon is there, seeing how eris told me to always check if it's or he is there for protection. He always refered to me and kris "little ones" or "Child" (?) but to me, he refers to me as "the choosen one for me".

// When i communicated with Beau, I had rather three poker cards for each draw (One for a simple or direact answer) as a replacement for tarot cards and a Goblet along with the dagger (Me, the goblet and Kris, the dagger) Along with a plate for me and beau. I wouldn't show what cards i had until i'm asked about it! Everything seems to make sense now, Even with eris now happy and excited that i finally got to meet beau. In my vision (closing my eyes, Meditating i suppose?), I had my huge, Dark, glowing, and sparking wing, cratiling me and holding me. Beau was interested and fascinated by them, So i offered him a feather of my wing, a rather large one. He then put it in his coat pocket and the cards i had, when we got done communicating, in this coat pocket.

// Before he left, He left me a kiss on the forehead, which is a European way of dismissing the ones you love, which is what Kris told me. Although i could sense it was more of a Good luck charm and a way of showing Family-like love, Almost like A father would. Alot of this left me with many emotions, Including crying. Another thing i should add, Recently there has been squirrels that have been trying to get close to me or just been close to me (closest being 1 feet), and i have been told that It apparent means good luck is coming my way in the future. Today's a Half moon, which i assume will be a full moon within a week.

// Has anyone delt with thing before? it always makes me curious if anyone else has dealt with any being like them that's besides me and Kris. I hope you guys enjoyed this post since i get to gush about my spiritual experiences!

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