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Music censored during the Dictatorship

The most famous photo of the Brazilian military dictatorship

In 1968, in Brazil, AI-5 was decreed. This decree took away all citizens' constitutional freedoms, including freedom of expression. In response, resistance to the dictatorship manifested itself in various forms, such as armed struggle, carried out by groups such as National Liberating Action (ALN) and Revolutionary People's Vanguard (VPR), both through songs and other cultural means to criticize the authoritarianism. One detail is that some songs went unnoticed by the sensor at the time and played quietly without knowing what the songs were really about.

A well-known meme featuring Chico Buarque, a singer who was extremely censored by the military regime.

-Pra não dizer que não falei das flores-Geraldo Vandré

-Amanhã vai ser outro dia-Chico Buarque

-Roda Viva - Chico Buarque

-Cálice- Chico Buarque e Milton Nascimento

-Acorda amor- Chico Buarque

-É proibido proibir-Caetano Veloso

-Bloco na Rua- Sérgio Sampaio

-Vaca Profana- Gal Costa

I recommend that you listen to all the songs I mentioned, if you translate them into your languages, research the period of the military dictatorship in Brazil.

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