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rip steve harwell

this is so silly, but idk i unironically kind of love the song waste by smash mouth, such a strange thing that a massive cultural icon recently passed away. i feel like i havent seen many people talk about him, so id like to share this song which, although its yknow... smash mouth, like... the shrek band.........., this one song is honestly quite wonderful and great. i especially like 2:25-2:45 of the song. i love the telephone noises. rest in peace steve harwell. also the album cover is kind of wicked

smash mouth space lounge

OH also this is like, my first blog, i have no idea how this site, or blogs, work. if this is like uuum super visible to everybody ever then SORRY LOL XD i swear im not a smash mouth fan, its just this one song

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