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Would you eat human meat if given the chance? (Survey: be honest)

Details of the asked question:

1. It’s completely legal+consensual, you will NOT get in trouble for eating it.

2. You won’t have to worry about prions or diseases

3. You can eat your own meat, doesn’t have to be someone else’s. Also it can be a stranger or someone yk! You can choose the body part and all.

4. You’re not starving, you’re doing this outta your free will.

So the question is would YOU eat human meat if you could?

Please be honest in this survey/discussion, this is a judgement free zone!

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₳†⅃ₐ⟆ ∀₵ꙇ₫

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if itz seasoned well then yeah just cuz

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ive debated this a lot and honestly, if i were 2 evr get any part of my body amputated or otherwise removed i would totally try to eat it. morbid curiostiy - i wanna know what it tastes like

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so real

by V; ; Report

Bay Leaf

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food is food, me personally I'll chow down

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