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:33 < birthday update stuffs!

:33 < H33yy! Didn't update since i got busy with homeschooling!! I n33d to focus moar to be honest x(!! It's kinda hard to sometimes though not going to lie. enough of that gross stuff tho x3!!

:33 < so I went to the mall with my Nana!! I didn't get a lot since the mall just didnt really have anything that i saw and was like "I N33D THIS!!!" but maybe next time ^_^!! Anyways!!! I got a necklace with gems on them, a pokemon necklace, tokidoki keychains(?), matching remote controller necklace, a ruby gloom shirt, a my melody plush-backpack, a draculaura backpack, a seaslug plush, a nyan cat pin, and a gir blanket!! 

x33 < then i'm going to the mall next tuesday and my favfurrite resturant!! I might invite my furriend ovfur if my mom says he can come! Which she usually doesn't care because he's basically apart of our family lmfao xD

:33 < anyways thats enough rambling!! I'll s33 u guys in the next blog entry! I gotta make a new outfit fur tuesday LMFAO XDDD!! Anyways luv u guys <333!!

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