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watchdogs ramble lol

Anyone else finally getting into watch dogs on here? tbh I finally finished watch dogs one and was kind of upset at the ending yk, being the whole betrayal thing, but overall it was so fucking fun dude. I'm playing the second one and like, anyone else thoughts on watchdogs, ngl im glad theĀ  second one runs better than the damn first one tho, that shit lagged all the time. but i finished the game story whise, and thought it would be a good idea to go straight to the next one, I skipped a lot of the side quests though but with watch dogs 2 I'm prolly gonna try and do more of em as I did one and it had so much effort put into it, ( I accidently went into co op play though and that was a fkn jumpscare once i realized ) but oveall its pretty fun so far :)

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