album review.. PART 3!!!!

 i was going to do 2 album reviews today but i think i’m starting to get sick so i’m doing just 1.. anywho today we will be doing… drumroll…

Everything Playing by The Lovin’ Spoonful

Side 1

She Is Still A Mystery To Me
Priscilla Millionaira
Six O’Clock

Side 2

Younger Generation

Old Folks

Only Pretty, What A Pity

Try A Little Bit
Close Your Eyes

Favorite Tracks

✿ Younger Generation

✿ Try A Little Bit

✿ Old Folks

✿ Only Pretty, What A Pity


I think this is an interesting album… it’s not the best Lovin’ Spoonful album but it does have some good songs. This was the album that was zal-free TERRIBLE!!!!! zal’s cover of priscilla millionaira is so much better. younger generation is an absolute masterpiece of a song, john’s voice is ANGELIC… speaking of angelic TRY A LITTLE BIT IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL… man what a song… john sebastian also did the album art, what an artist he is i love it, it’s so silly. i’m normally not a joe butler fan but only pretty what a pity and old folks are real good tunes, his voice is nice 

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YOU MATCHED THE TEXT COLORS WITH THE BANNER ON THE ALBUM COVER.. WOWOWOOWOW!!! also i love the songs u picked as us favs…,,, me too smile. i love try a little bit. it comes up on my liked songs sometimes and it’s splendid. rock on

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try a little bit is so angelic .. makes me want to kiss john on his mouth …

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