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Another survey

A - Age?: 17

B - Best Friend?: Chum Chum

C - Car You Drive?: I dont drive

D - Day or Night?: Night

E - Easiest Person To Talk To?: My BFF

F - Food (Favorite)?: Pizza

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms?: I dont like gummy things in general its too chewy

H - Hair Color (Favorite)?: Long red hair (Not orange even though thats considered “red head” I mean like a dark red like crimson)

I - Ice Cream (Favorite)?: Chocolate peanut butter im a sucker for anything of that combo

J - Juice (Favorite)?: I dont really drink juice but maybe grape

K - Kids (Do You Have Any)?: No if I did that’d be way too soon

L - Longest Relationship?: 4 years (With my best friend)

M - Movie Last Watched?: The Super Mario Bros Movie

N - Name?: Not gonna say my real name to a bunch of strangers

O - Outgoing?: Nope im not really that kinda guy lol

P - Pizza Toppings (Favorite)?: I prefer just plain cheese but pepperoni and BBQ chicken

Q - Quote (Favorite)?: “Why dont you 2 just get lost at sea!” -Dennis talking to Harry and Elsie cause they sang the great big book of everything song again

R - Right-Handed or Left-Handed?: Im right handed

S - Season (Favorite)?: Winter and fall

T - TV Show Last Watched?: Stanley

U - University (Did You Go)?: None and I dont wanna go to any university they’ve all become corrupt

V - Vacation (Last)?: Disneyland in 2012

W - Worst Habit?: Panicking

X - X-Rays (Ever Had Any)?: Not that I can remember

Y - Year You Were Born?: 2006

Z - Zodiac Sign?: Virgo but I dont let a symbol in the sky or whatever it is determine who I hang out with lol astrology’s kinda stupid (Come at me astrology girls lol)

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