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Adult life

Making friends in adult life is pretty interesting and hard when you’re severely introverted. 

I’ve quite literally had people project their bad energy onto me calling me scary and intimidating and even had people promote the idea that I’m a witch and would do something to others simply because I’m quiet and “mysterious. “ 

Fortunately for me I have made a friend that is equally as introverted and standoffish as I am. It’s nice to not be called weird for being shy and not talking much and also not being forced to speak. 

I have noticed an uptick in the directed jealousy but I typically just choose to ignore it. 

If you’re a shy adult trying to make friends out there I’m here to tell you to stick to your values and don’t force yourself into situations with people because you’re feeling lonely. You’ll thank yourself for upholding your boundaries and finding the people who truly care for and respect you . 

It’s going to work out. 


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