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name: Lynette,Pheazoelle, or Rosaria if we're close ask for info abt my alters

nickname: I am not that good with nicknames the only people who can use a nickname on here is Cece, Lee, and Hamburg

zodiac sign: Pisces!! ♓

height: 5'2".5 

what's your middle name?: Liz

shoes you wore today: slippers

your weakness: Hamburg<3

your fear: Spiders, and losing people who I am close to

goal you would like to achieve this year: idk tbh

best physical feature: My curves

who is your bestest friend?:On here Lee,Cece + Hamburg

your most cherished memory: idr

pepsi or coke?: neither Dr pepper solos

mcdonalds or burger king?: Neither Wedys is better

single or group dates?: single

what is the last song you sang?: The colleen ballinger apology song

does playing the guitar make a person more attractive?: Yes

have you ever drank?: yes a tiny bit

have you ever been drunk?: No

have you ever smoked?: ew no never 

do you sing?: yes, but i sound like shit

do you want to go to college?: Yes

have you ever been in love?: yes ^_^

do you want to get married?: Idk

do you believe in yourself?: sometimes 

do you believe in others?: 99% of the time no

do you like thunderstorms?: no they're scary >m<

do you play an instrument?: no

what country would you like to visit?: France

how many CDs do you own?: none

how many DVDs do you own?: none

how many tattoos do you have?: none

how many piercings do you have?: none sadly

how many things in the past do you regret?: times i got mad at ppl


shoes: Mary Janes

drink: Milkshakes + Boba tea

car: Chryslers

place: my bed

song: Break my heart again - Laufey

movie: Corpse Bride

moment: idr

colour: Pink

meal: Steak, and Katsu


eye colour: Brown

hair colour:Black

short or long hair: Log

body type:Curvy

ethnicity: Mixed Black + Arabic

do you think you are attractive?: somewhat

cuddles in general?: YES!!

what time is it?: 1:38 am EST

what are you listening to?:Hands up! - 6arelyhuman

is it raining?: no, sadly

are you happy?: yup!!

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