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I miss 2020 ngl

Ik that year definitely worsened my anxiety n other shit to its maximum- along with the COVID bullshit that went down.

But tbh- I kinda miss a certain part of it since during that time, was when I started to garner a certain spark of interest in OC making.

That was mostly influenced by an old friend of mine the year prior but also- another big big factor to that was when the whole “liminal space” genre of content and the whole “weirdcore” aesthetic first started to come around.

I was hella intrigued by that sort of content at first. I would always watch those video compilations along the lines of “pictures that look strangely familiar but are uncomfortable” or “weirdcore images with the [insert some obscure video game soundtrack here]” on YouTube back when the whole lockdown was taking place in and when I had nothing better to do in general (I mean- who had anything better to do during that time anyways???)

But yeah- it also really brought back a lot interest in like early 2000’s type stuff since a lot of that content I mentioned previously revolved heavily around the 90’s to early 2000’s with the images and edits people would make.

That in itself, really just evolved towards me coming up with certain stories and scenarios whenever I looked at the whole liminal space genre and weirdcore aesthetic; leading up to me actually making my very first OC story that I was willing to take seriously.

So yeah- in a way, those two things really impacted a lot whenever it came to OC making back in the day for me, and I feel as if I didn’t find out about that sooner and I just delved into another interest, I don’t know how different my stories would be like now.

Fksjjsjdjksksksj I hope i didn’t come off as too sappy in this blog post- I just wanted to get my thoughts out since recently I’ve been revisiting those liminal space and weirdcore comps just to get the memories flowing back to me hahahahahshdhjfjjsjs 

But yeeee that’s kind of all I wanted to say on that (for now at least LAWL) see ya bestos


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