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wednesday (when a day of the week becomes a PTSD trigger)

on wednesday the 17th of november 2021

my mom died of liver disease. 

i stopped going to school for a while,

and even when i was being forced to attend, 

i would refuse to go in on wednesdays. 

wednesdays easily became the worst day.

i got transferred to an AP school last year 

because my attendance was at 26%. 

i am doing a lot better here mentally, 

and i am forever grateful for this school. 

the entire concept of school on wednesday 

was, in itself, a trauma trigger for me 

but at this school, i didn't have a choice 

it's a referral-based school, so 

if i didn't attend i'd just be expelled. 

it's wednesday today. 

here's my timetable: 

music, science, english, two free periods. 

my three best subjects, and two free hours. 

and i intend to attend every single class. 

it's funny, actually. or maybe it isn't, but 

i find it funny to look back on it. 

wednesday used to be so anxiety-inducing

that i would avoid leaving my room 

and now i find it's one of my best days. 

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