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𖤐Band Members I’ve met <3

Hi guys :P just wanted to blog about my experiences and favs I have met/stumbled upon. I’ll update the list if needed lol. (These aren’t all the band members I’ve met but I wish to keep some private!)


1.) Pete Wentz + Andy Hurley (Fall Out boy)

They popped out at one of their shows in Chicago.

Didnt get a picture but I have a video up on my instagram

2.) Vic Fuentes + Loniel Robinson (Pierce the Veil)

Met them at their show in Wisconsin. Loni was so nice I ran into him twice that day. They both signed my PTV Cd LOL



3. Isaac Hale (Knocked Loose)

Met him after his set in Lollapalooza.

Knocked loose

4. Kellin Quinn + Nick Martin (Sleeping with Sirens)

Met them on my birthday!



(Sorry my hair looks bad here cause I got kicked by a crowd surfer LMAO)

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