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why is 'dangerous blues' by the young veins one of my favourite songs ever?

dangerous blues by the young veins is one of my favourite songs of all time, for many different reasons.

the first one being that my older sister introduced me to dangerous blues. i vaguely knew the young veins existed and was already maybe 4-5 years deep into my ‘emo phase’ but had never really listened to them before. she made me listen to it with her and i instantly fell in love with it. i remember what she said to me, she said “this song has you vibes, i’m reminded of you every time i listen to it”. for many days after that i nonstop looped it, and eventually moved on to listening to the whole take a vacation! album. this sparked my obsession with ryan ross that has not gone away since lmfao

another reason is its lyrical beauty. it really speaks to me on a deeper, more personal level than most songs, and i don’t even really know why. i just love the lyrics so much, and the way ryan sings them just makes them 1000x better than they already are. i adore all the lyrics but i’ll list some of my favourites:

  • “why do the clouds all turn gray just for you? / i’ve never bloomed such a beautiful blues”

  • “why do your eyes feel like shells in a dune?”

  • “even the tide gets high at night”

  • “all i want to do / is dig a hole with you”

  • “but we will never leave / you’re all that’s left for me”

  • “this is a home, we just don’t have a door / euphoria is a risk on the floor

  • “who knew that love was a beautiful blues? / who knew that love was a dangerous drug?”

i realise now after making this list that the fact i live very very near to the seaside (on the english coast) probably contributes at least a little bit to loving this song (and album) so much lol

i am in love with ryan’s voice (and just. him. to be honest), and dangerous blues is just everything to me. i find it so comforting and familiar, it’s gotten me through some rough times and now i just absolutely explode with warmth and happiness and love whenever i listen to it because!!! ryan!!! and the song and the memories associated with it!!! ugh i love it so much. anyway stream it right now!!!

i apologise for any spelling or grammar mistakes, i’m writing this at like midnight (the best time to think about ryan <3)

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Now I even feel like listening to the song :3

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