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so i'll be splitting this list up into red, orange and yellow. (this may be updated if shit hits the fan or if i forgot smth) 

red = get off this fuckin page.

orange =  for your sake, please don't  

yellow = you can if you want, but like.. 

for the most part idrc who interacts w/ me, so even if there's a rule against your interests here, feel free to text anyways if you still wanna !! (unless you're in the red list)

red list:

- pedos

- homo- or transphobes

- groomers

- pro/com shippers

- zoophiles

- racists

- if you're like 12

orange list:

- sensitive people 

- against gore/horror aspects

- against my interests

- against hyperactive folk

- against nsfw jokes/playful flirting

yellow list:  

- over 25 yrs

- if you judge people for no reason

- if you talk shit

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