a-z! :3

A - Age?: 25 :)

B - Best Friend?: madeline <3

CΒ -Β Can You Drive?: nah fuck that

D - Day or Night?: mmh night

E - Easiest Person To Talk To?: my partner ben <3

F - Food (Favorite)?: yumasetta~

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms?: worms baby!

H - Hair Color (Favorite)?: i miss my hair being pink

I - Ice Cream (Favorite)?: chocolate peanut butter core >w<

J - Juice (Favorite)?:Β mango !!!

K - Kids (Do You Have Any)?: maybe i'll adopt someday. someday.

L - Longest Relationship?: 6 years

M - Movie Last Watched?: i think jennifer's body

N - Name?: rott :3

O - Outgoing?: meeeh not really

P - Pizza Toppings (Favorite)?: pickles and pineapple, don't @ me

Q - Quote (Favorite)?: "Somedays, it's a good day to die. Somedays, it's a good day to eat breakfast." - Thomas Builds-The-Fire

R - Right-Handed or Left-Handed?: right

S - Season (Favorite)?: spring~

T - TV Show Last Watched?: Kitchen Nightmares ehehehe

U - University (Did You Go)?: Took a few years but that shit's expensive and nowhere has degrees that suit me :/

V - Vacation (Last)?: man it's been a long time, i went to chattanooga for a few hours but that's about it ><

W - Worst Habit?: beating myself up :c

X - X-Rays (Ever Had Any)?: my chest, i've always had breathing problems and the docs wanted to make sure my ribs weren't constricting my lungs or something

Y - Year You Were Born?: 1997

Z - Zodiac Sign?: sagittarius

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