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It sucks to be awkward. I can never meet other people without being awkward. The same goes for trying to talk online. IF I do talk to anyone online or try to I'm awkward and then we never talk again.

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I SO relate to this. talking online is better for me bc i get to think abt what i say before i say it. but in person? nah

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I wish I was a bit better online but In person will always end up being the worst.

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But hopefully talking in person will get better in the future 🙏

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I hope it gets better for you, I think you just need practice (regular social interactions- exhausting sdhgfajsfg) I've gotten better at talking online but no matter what I do I'm terrible at talking in person, probably because i don't go outside much

by ☆bubbles☆; ; Report

Aw I hope it gets better for you too🙏

by Whiskey; ; Report

thank you :D

by ☆bubbles☆; ; Report