stolen about me thingy ^^;;


name: rott
nickname: rotty
age: 25
pronouns: she/they/it
birthday: november 24
siblings: none unless u count my headmates
straight/bi/gay: yes
job: unemployed for now, maybe streaming will work out??


hair color: black
eye color: blue
height: 5'1"
ethnicity: white
look like a celeb: someone once said kimbra but idk about that ><
dye your hair: yes
have bangs: yes
have braces: not anymore
wear glasses: sometimes
wear contacts: yes, but only one bc i lost one and am broke o_<
piercings: septum, earl, gauges, gonna redo my snakebites soon
tattoos: 17 hoo mama


color: black and primrose
video game:  skyrim, valorant, fallout, duskwood, many more
movie: sharkboy and lavagirl, smoke signals
tv show: kitchen nightmares
animal: cats, rats, bunnies, and bugs :)
drink: diet coke mm
food: yumasetta (maybe i'll post a recipe soon!)
alcoholic drink: mudslides and fireball teehee
car: i cant drive but i always grab the D6 in zomboid
day of the week: friday
season: spring
song: how does the grass grow - david bowie, monitor - siouxsie and the banshees, wings of steel - collide
sport: *shrugs* e-sports?
teacher: my mythology and art history professor starla, i miss her
subject: art history babyy
holiday: halloween
book: the metamorphosis
magazine: eh
flower: lavender
memory: bitch i have ptsd you really think i retain memories?


person you hugged: my love ben <3
thing you said: "i love you, see you soon!"
thing you ate: hummus and chips lol
texted: my mom
you called: my love ben <3
called you: my love ben <3
person you saw: my love ben <3
you had a long conversation with: luna


summer or winter: winter
cats or dogs: cats
pepsi or coke: diet coke
cell phone or ipod: ipod
ocean or pool: ocean
black or white: black
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
flowers or candy: candy
rock or rap: yes
tv or movie: tv
aim or myspace: myspace
stars or hearts: hearts
bracelets or necklaces: bracelets
gold or silver: silver
kisses or hugs: hugs
pen or pencil: pen


smoked: no
got drunk: yes
failed a test: no
stayed home from school: no
been to the mall: no
bought a book: no
been to a show/concert: no
yelled at someone: no
got into a fight/argument: no
cried to a friend: yes
told the truth: yes
lied: no


tv: yes
your own phone: yes
your own phone line: yes
vcr: yes
dvd player: yes
radio: no
computer: no
posters: no :(
of what?: :(
pictures: no :(
of who?: :(


taken or single: happily taken ♥
got a crush: yes, on jake from duskwood teehee

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