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thats it

i am at school on my computer

and i probably have to stay after school to build things for theater plays

im a total loser who doesnt do anything in my life

i havent gotten a haircut in forever and i dress like a homeless person according to my own mother and friends

i actually hate my friends at school except for lilke three

but we arent really even friends i just talk to them

one of them is cool i guess

i started playing tf2 recently and i love it

i might be scout for halloween but that would be gay and stupid


i think i might be a hiki at this point

i want to start a stupid youtube channel where i just post random things

sometimes i wish i was not alive

(in a loser idiot autistic way)

i hate talking about my autism actually because so many idiots online make it their whole personality and i hate being autsitic so everyone pls just ignore that

im too lazy to delete stuff

ugh i hate everyone and myself

not violent

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