Oc Lore- Monica Dawson

Monica Dawson: 26 year old serial cheater, whore, and a liar. She/her. When she was a kid, her family was actually pretty stable. Her dad tended to be a workaholic at times, but he made a bunch of money. So did her mom. Monica, with her sister Norma, tended to do lots of things together, especially shopping. Though, as Monica grew older, her mom, Stephanie Dawson became sicker. When she was 12, she died due to medical reasons. Her dad stopped caring about the girls, and eventually Monica grew sick of the lack of attention. She started getting in trouble more often to help get her dads attention, but nothing really worked. When Monica was 14, she was at the mall, and a male associate was helping pick her clothes out, and ended up sexually assaulting her. She didn’t know what to do, and naturally, told her sister about it. Norma didn’t care though, it was her sisters problem and not hers. Monica became furious and beat her sister up in the mall right there. When security came and found her, she ran away and ran home. Her dad didn’t even help her. She was furious, and screamed at her dad for anything. He didn’t care. Her sister didn’t even care. No one cared about Monica, so she started doing more dangerous things. She would sneak out at night to sleep with adult guys, go drink at bars, spend the rest of her dads money, and other illegal activities. When she started high school, she had a new boyfriend every week, and would only date most of them for sex. Either that, or someone to release her anger on. She’d be overly controlling to them, cheat on them, and would even end friendships. She learned to like this lifestyle after some time. When she was 15, she met Justin, one of the few boys in that school she hasn’t dated yet. He didn’t even know she existed, so she made her presence known. She was constantly around him, checking all his possessions, and they were at each others houses very often. Eventually, she gaslit him into having sex with her. He didn’t really feel comfortable, but when he tried to talk about it, she would degrade him for it, and tell him to deal with it. But then later, she would be the sweetest girl ever to him. When she was 16, Bryan Vance-Keith came into the picture. She wanted to see how well of a friend he would be, but she ended up pushing him away. She also thought that because Justin had friends, that he would focus more of them than her. So she tried numerous ways to get rid of him. She doxxed him, and almost killed him. She tried telling Justin about it but that only made things worse. Bryan’s adopted dad, John, filed a restraining order and Monica went to juvie. While in juvie, she would fight a lot of the other kids there and would constantly try and break out. She stayed there for a few weeks, and then was sent to a mental hospital where she also had complications trying to behave. When she was released, she immediately went back to school and went to Bryan. When they got back together, she cheated on him with many men. The only time she got caught was when she, Justin, Bryan and a new friend Tyrell Jones were at Bryan’s house. There, she threatened Tyrell that if she didn’t make out with her, she’ll murder Tyrell and sell his organs. He complied, but tried to push her off many times. When he did, she kneed his crotch. Bryan walked in and ended their relationship. Monica screamed at him, and ran out. She was living on the road since then until she was 19 when she met Fredrick Lance, a sex addicted gambler in Reno, Nevada. They hooked up many times and eventually got married, with 6 kids, she put them all on the streets. She doesn’t talk to Norma anymore, or the rest of her family. She works as a stripper.

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