Oc Lore- Bryan Vance-Keith

Bryan Vance-Keith: A 26 year old weed addict. He/they. He was born on the side of the road, his mom was on the way to the hospital, and the second he came out, she did cocaine and some of it spilled in his eye (he now wears contacts). She died shortly after, leaving Bryan with his single dad, Morgan Vance. Morgan Vance was a war criminal, poisoning 260,000 people in the WW3 events, and the use of unauthorized atomic bombs against Europe. He had also attempted murder with multiple government officials. Bryan and Morgan were constantly on the run, and Bryan never knowing why until he was 8. Morgan, also became a gambling, drinking, drug addict. He even offered weed to Bryan, which also started his weed addiction. He’s always been stoned since that day. When Bryan was 12 he ran away to his uncle’s house, Benjamin Vance, who had accidentally killed himself 2 years later (took too many pain meds). Bryan, being alone, he wandered the world until he was about 16. When he was 16, a recovering addict had taken him in. That was the only time he’d felt real love. John Lowry had been the closest to a real father figure to him, and he enrolled him in the Cleveland Highschool near where he lived. There, he met Monica Dawson and her boyfriend Justin Shane. They became friends relatively fast, but their friendship had been short. Monica overly obsessive to Justin as Bryan became more involved. She even attempted to kill Bryan a few times, even though Bryan wasn’t gay at the time and neither was Justin. However, Justin found out and broke up with Monica. Justin had taken a break from school for a month, and in that time, Monica and Bryan started dating. Monica, ended up doing the same thing to Bryan as she did to Justin, except a little worse. She tended to gaslight Bryan, cheat on him, steal from him, and other horrible things. But to other people, they put on a show that they were the cutest couple ever. Justin came back to school, and saw that Monica and Bryan were dating. He was confused, and asked Bryan about it. He told Justin that he wanted to, and would text him the details after school. But, he texted Justin that he never wanted to, and Monica was only using him to get back at him. Justin shrugged it off and was cool with it. It didn’t really help Bryan’s situation, because Monica soon became more toxic to Bryan. She started to steal his phone and scream at him if he was texting anyone else, or called a friend. She even smashed it once, and John bought him a new one, and even helped Bryan get a restraining order against her. She of course, didn’t listen and almost killed Bryan. But, police caught her and was sent to juvie for a year. When they were 17, Bryan and Justin were still hanging out, and this time with a new friend, Tyrell Jones. Tyrell was a very kind man and helped out when and where he could, however he couldn’t really help against Monica when she came back. She frantically apologized to Bryan, and he took her back. Justin didn’t really care, he wanted to see how things went. Bryan eventually called it when he caught Monica cheating on him with Tyrell, non-consensually on Tyrell’s side. She screamed at both of them and was never really seen again. Which was for the better. Bryan, Tyrell, and Justin had all been great friends to each other, and in collage they met Krissy and Norma, and they all eventually became roommates with each other. Bryan, when he was 23 came out as gay. He has been trying to find a guy to date, but none of them really liked him for who he was. But one night, when there was a boys night, Tyrell (openly bisexual) and Bryan had been drunk and hooked up. The next morning, they started dating and they still are to this day. Bryan is a part time worker as a cashier at target, and a bagger at Walmart. He can also play drums pretty well and does gigs with his band (Therapy Suckers)

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