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DNI/BYF !!! ⚠️⚠️


Alfred’s Playhouse fans

Ranfren fans

Changed/Kaiju Paradise fans

all the other basic dni criteria (racist, transphobic, etc)

anti-xenic/neos (xenogenders/neopronouns)

anti-self diagnosis




self-proclaimed “problematic” people

DSMP/QSMP fans (yes, INCLUDING Jschlatt.)

constant venters. please do not add me if you’re constantly talking about your suicide attempts or selfharm!!!

people who romanticize and watch real gore


“i respect but don’t support”

do not friend me if you associate with anyone like this (minus the venting one, thats just a personal preference)

Thin Ice:

South park fans

Hazbin hotel/helluvaboss fans

people under 13 and people over 20


I have very strong opinions on things, especially when it comes to politics, so i’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable! I tend to not let things slide when it comes to those things

I dont like friending people who spam post bulletins so don’t take it personally if i unfriend you! nothing against you, i just like to be able to see my other friends posts too lol

I do talk about scary movies and horror a lot, this may include stuff with gore and blood, if that makes you uncomfortable feel free to unfriend me! no I do not romanticize gore nor do I EVER talk about or watch real gore.

I will argue when it comes to bigotry, i don’r care if it makes me “sensitive 🥺🥺”, your bigotry is inexcusable 

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Oliver Oil

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heyyy, similar thing as the other person who commented, whats wrong with alfred's paradise, and changed/kaijus paradise? i honestly had never even heard of any of the top 3 fandoms you mentioned so i'd like to know whats up? i dont think i have any friends of those (maybe one ranfred fan but im not sure) so i'd just like to know!

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theres nothing wrong with Kaiju’s Paradise at all!!! nothing against the fans of it, however it’s just a small trigger for me because it’s based off of the game Changed which is just a fetish game that i was exposed to when i was really (REALLY) young and it just reminds me of some not good memories lol. it’s just something that makes me personally uncomfortable, it’s not problematic.
as for Alfred’s Playhouse, it’s a show created by a Nazi with a lot of Nazi imagery and sympathizing inside of it. it’s also incredibly gross and glorifies a lot of topics such as rape and self harm. it’s incredibly problematic and it’s fans are almost worse

by Alex 🦇; ; Report

argg sorry for the long message lololol

by Alex 🦇; ; Report

its ok! i am very glad for the through explanation!

by Oliver Oil; ; Report


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you seem really cool!! also what did ranfren fans do i have friends who like that stuff

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the comic is about the creator’s persona who is incredibly racist and stuff

by Alex 🦇; ; Report


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