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dni (aka i will block you if you are any of these):

-basic dni (racists, transphobes, homophobes, antisemites, pedos, zoophiles etc)


-proshippers or anything of the sort

-prolife hoes

-those mfs that sexualize underage characters

-imagine dragons fans. that shit is NOT music

-anti furry

-anti neo/xenogender

-toxic fans of any fandom

-anti tone taggers /srs

-lgbt/disability/race/ethnicity fetishizers

-if you’re gonna baby me for being neurodivergent. im not 4

-queer exclusionists/transmeds/truscum

-dsmp/its members (besides ranboo from what ive seen they’re normal), leafyishere, countryhumans (or anything similar), hetalia, sia, boyfriends webtoon fans

-people who ship real people, people who fuck ai bots of real people, people who sexualize & draw porn of other people/other people’s ocs

-people that are mean to me :(



-i do a lot of thigns ironically

-i have anxiety uwu & will probably be very scared to message u first

-i am a minor ‼️‼️‼️ 

-i think im very funny

-i am a c.ai user

-i have never watched south park in my life, my only knowledge of it is from the south park mutuals. i simply study the fandom from afar because it intrigues me

-i incorrectly tag my blog posts because i think it is hila rious

-i misspell shit on purpose

-i use gendered terms gender neutrally, i promise im not trying to misgender you if i call you dude & you’re not masculine 

-im more likely to interact w you if u post bulletins frequently 

-please dont be offended if i dont recognize u by yr user i promise i like you i just have a very bad memory

-my humor is very strange & fluctuates a lot. at this point i cant really tell what i say ironically & unironically anymore

-i may call you shawty. be wary

-i kinda platonically flirt but im very careful to not take it too far

-i will reference dead memes from niche internet communities on forums in like 2004 &/or random horrid tiktok posts

-im new to this site so fair warning i barely have any clue whats going on 

-if i ever post anything u made, ask for credit if you want it!! ill always give it im very passionate abt crediting people for their work

-its always ok to vent to me (with permission bc sometimes im not in the right frame of mind) i just might not respond immediately/ how you want me to , im not very good at that

-i occasionally promote my neocities page (ill link it along with other gifsites when people asks for graphics sources etc) so if that annoys you im very sorry

-i do use tone tags but not very often so its ok to ask if im being sarcastic or not i get it reading tone over text is hard

-always feel free to interact with me (if you arent on the dni) i love talking to strangers

-im white

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ROB'S #1 FAN!!! (zoindexter)

ROB'S #1 FAN!!! (zoindext...'s profile picture

imagine dragons will NEVER be music

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so real

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report


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Dude the imagine dragons thing is so real they suck

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Wolfie Is Dead :3

Wolfie Is Dead :3's profile picture

do u ship lumity, raeda and or huntlow? T_T

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lumity tbh

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report

then ur basically a comshipper. Congratz on "do not interacting" urself XD
(it iz a comship bc human x nonhuman

by Wolfie Is Dead :3; ; Report

augh i didnt know what a comshipper was i thought they were just like proshippers under a diff name

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report

nah, comshippz ar basically juzt complex shipz :3 Every darkshipper and proshipper iz a comshipper, but not every comshipper is a darkshipper or a proshipper!

by Wolfie Is Dead :3; ; Report

iunno im not really in the shipping world i just like characters

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report

It does mean complex ship, but it’s just another term for proshipping under the guise of it being “coping”, it (usually) means a ship that involves two siblings being with each other or something similar. just gross shit

by Lewis; ; Report

(also they both seem to be humanoid ? i am unsure i don’t watch that show.)

by Lewis; ; Report

itz not another term 4 proshipping, kinda hard 2 explain but itz diff

by Wolfie Is Dead :3; ; Report

google says proshippers are people who think people should ship whatever and comshippers are people who actually do ship whatever is that correct

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report

what the hell!!

by 🌈🦕💖~Grace~💖🦕🌈; ; Report

idk either mannn

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report

nope!! Comshipperz are ppl who ship complex shipz liek lumity (human x witch), huntlow (witch x grimwalker, diff speciez ship), soo basically any ship dat haz sum complexity iz a comship.

by Wolfie Is Dead :3; ; Report

meanwhile proshipperz think everything should b accepted.

by Wolfie Is Dead :3; ; Report

honestly i dont really actively ship lumity like im not looking at fanart i just think its cute & has a really good story arc. tbh i dont even consider myself a shipper let alone a comshipper. i feel like an old man i just do not understand all this internet shipping stuff dude

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report

read mah latezt blog, it haz sum termz and stuff there.

by Wolfie Is Dead :3; ; Report

yeah that was a good explanation thank you

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report

yeah that was a good explanation thank you

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report