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The tragedy of modern gaming, the death of home time fun

Real talk, gaming has improved massively over the years, from the controls to better gameplay, to the immersion, it's safe to say that gaming is on par with movies. And tbh, it's great. Games like Insomniacs Spider-Man to the fuckin Last of Us, shits goin good. However, theres just a tiny lil thing that's rlly pissin me off, especially when considering some racing games or fps titles. Where in the FUCK is the split screen? Halo doesn't have split screen no more, Need For Speed don't got no split screen, Call of Duty nerfed the splitscreen to two instead of the 4 it's known for, the only games that still got splitscreen nowadays would be mf Lego games and maybe Gran Turismo (and in GT7, the split screen fucking SUCKS).

Like, I get that some games don't need multiplayer of any kind or split screen doesn't make sense, games like Destiny or the Batman Arkham series, but more arcadey games that thrive off of nostalgia, like the aformetioned Need for Speed games or Halo series, it's sum straight bullshit that rlly kills off old joys. What makes it worse is how game companies don't make the effort to preserve older games that do have these features. Like, it's basically impossible to play that Shadow the Hedgehog game (which does have split screen), the Force Unleashed games are completely unavailable, the only Ultimate Alliance game playable is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, the list goes on. Wtf man. This shit is sad.

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Maybe they assume nobody has friends anymore. Jk. Split screen definitely needs to come back. At least we can still play halo two and crash team racing.

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its harder to render two+ scenes instead of one and recently weve seen games that barely run on one scene

by bloodshot!!; ; Report

Why not just put each scene into lower quality though?

by Piedmont; ; Report