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My best friend pissed on a private property's doorstep (storytime)

ok so me and my friend being the little shits we are we going jumping up nad down doing fucking backflips on private property right (if the authorities are seeing this we had access i swear) but right we ran up the stairs and he was like "I really need to piss right now" and i was like "lmao do it on someones doorstep" And i didnt think he would take it seriously and he said "turn around ill brb" and i was like oh fuck so iturned around and believe it or not he pissed on the poor guys doorstep and then we hid behind a corner and watched the door open and we fucking jumped down that flight of stairs and ran outside the building behind another one and then we saw the guy and he was staring into my beady eyes and i showed him my massive forehead cause i thought it would be a distraction but instead he whipped out his phone and apparently my best friend said he dialed a 3 digit number so we ran for our livesĀ 

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