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I don't have a DNI, I don't really care who interacts since I'll just block you if I don't like you. I do however have a lengthy BYI, at least in my opinion.

I tend to hyperfixate on random things and then suddenly drop it, and Spacehey might be one of those things meaning I might suddenly go inactive for long periods of time. If you choose to engage in conversation with me then PLEASEEEE remember that I'm autistic and struggle with socialisation but I try my best. Spacehey is not my preferred way to chat and I'm much more active on Discord. If you also have Discord and want to talk to me about literally anything then my username is kadirkys. I know some people hesitate on adding people due to social anxiety (me) and that's all cool, you don't need to hesitate with sending me a friend request.

Moving onto things that may make people want to stay clear of me, and hey I don't judge.

I'm a radical feminist, usually shortened to radfem. No, this does not automatically make me a terf. If you think radical feminists are automatically transphobic then I highly suggest you do research on what it actually is. I wont blame trans people for being uncomfortable with the label radfem though considering how many people have twisted radfeminism into something it isn't. Just keep in mind that if someone is transphobic then they cannot be a feminist.
I make kys jokes quite often and I'm awkward around people I'm not familiar with. I usually make racial jokes with people who are of the same race as me (west asians and caucasians. not white, actual indigenous caucasians). If you happen to be west asian or caucasian and you are uncomfortable with those type of jokes then please tell me.
I have panic/depressive disorder and so my mood can change very drastically. I'm often not in the right state of mind so if I'm being rude and bitter then please know that I don't mean it, I'm just going through shit and I'm trying to work on it.
A main manga/hwa genre I really enjoy reading is BL/yaoi and GL/yuri. I genuinely do not care if people want to call me a fetishist for this shit because someone reading queer stories is such a nonissue and I will actually slightly judge you if this is a reason you end up disliking me.

That's everything I can think of oki baii ^_^

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