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My funny little oc

I love her heheheh. As you can see her name is Lola .. and she likes potatoes ...

This is her wearing her school uniform + I added otha random stuff just so it doesn't look empty.

Here she is in her casual clothing..empty, I know but I just wanted it to be simple ...

Here are some other extra facts about her coz...why not

  • Pretty much obsessed with a band called Reatards
  • She plays badminton
  • Her shirt in the second pic, she made it
  • Her favourite colours are pink, orange, and black
  • She likes making figurines using just random garbage lying around outside
  • Possibly created a photo card of the main vocalist of Reatards

Is she kind of a self insert ?... Don't even ask you already know the answer

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oliverhatesolives's profile picture

Omg she looks so cool :0

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☆VAMPBOYMATT☆'s profile picture

I like her v much she is super Kool!!!! ^_^ I would like 2 b her friend :P

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We can both bond over teh fact that we both lov potatoes 👍👍

by ☆VAMPBOYMATT☆; ; Report

Johnathan Hoover

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why does she like potatoes

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Because potatoes are yummy and healthy and also coz potato chips

by tilapia; ; Report