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Kind of important, should have done this sooner but-

dksjsjdjjsjsjdjf I realized that I’m more prone to venting on here from time to time just cause emotions be like that-

So I just wanted to put a disclaimer to anyone who is visiting my account for the first time that I might tend to vent/over share ab certain shit that’s going down here and there

I really should have stated this more sooner after like- the first two vents I posted onto my blog here? 

But yes, just as a warning to anyone who is looking over my stuff on here and might be turned off by the topic of venting in general

I will try to add like a: //vent/// in the title for my vent blog entries for whenever that happens; trigger warnings may be added on the future just in case 

But yeah, that’s all I wanted to say- I dunno if this will apply for bulletins like if it’s a small vent/rant but ehhh fkshsksjajjjdjsjsjsjsjsj

We’ll see djsjshsjsjajs see ya ahhhhhh

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