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^_^ about me !!

haii <3 im angela or pamdé !! ( + more names ) i use anyyyyy pronouns im a silly girlboything (i.e. they/she/he/it) i'm also 16, turning 17 in december wooooow >_< ermm ya idk thats it for the intro rn i think ????

here r some of my hyperfixations !!! if u like any of these we should def be friends

Star Wars, Dead By Daylight, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Resident Evil & Supernatural.

sooooo everything else i like is listed.. or should almost be. i'm rlly silly about my fixations (like i will talk 4 hours) and i love love love having friends who will talk 2 me about them ! 

other than that stuff that's all i rlly can think of rn .. i don't have a dni cuz honestly i could care less, if ur weird or i dont like you i will unfollow/block if needed. my only like .. before u follow thing is that i'm bad w remembering to come online some days ! so if you wanna keep in contact w me my insta is on my page, and i have discord too but im 4 that. and ermmm i also have classes & stuff so i tend 2 get a bit stressed ... and irritable. but i never take it out on ppl!! i just may sound annoyed.

but u should tots follow !! i will love u sososoooo much /p

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