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dawn of the dead (an almost-poetic rant)

i used to think a lot about dawn of the dead. 

i loved that movie growing up. 

the 1978 one. not the 2004 one.

i still do. 

but i always thought about one thing.

'when there's no room left in hell,

the dead will walk the earth'. 

they kind of had a point with that. 

well, not literally. 

obviously a zombie apocalypse won't happen. 

but what would happen if there was,


no room left in hell? 

that always got me onto a different thought. 

what if there was no room left in heaven? 

i used to be a super religious kid. 

the prospect of running out of room 

in a place like heaven 

of which i was taught was the only option

aside from hell

well, it scared me. 

i started praying a lot more. 

i started praying for no reason. 

i prayed and i prayed and i prayed 

every single day of my life 

until the teenage angst atheism kicked in. 

it's ironic, i guess. 

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