FUCK MANJARO install fedora

Manjaro, oh FUCKING Manjaro! It's like the kid who tries way too hard to fit in but somehow always ends up face-first in the mud. Fedora, on the flip side, is the Linux distro equivalent of a classy wine - aged to perfection and consistently delightful.

Manjaro, seriously, you update so fucking often it's like you're on a mission to outdo yourself in the "How to Annoy Your Users" category. Fedora, though, is like a tranquil garden, serene and dependable.

Manjaro, you might call yourself "user-friendly," but let's be honest, you're more like "user-exasperating." The constant desire to be on the fucking bleeding edge leaves users with bleeding headaches. Fedora, on the other hand, is the gentle, reassuring friend who never lets you down.

Manjaro, is like the wild teenager who insists on pushing boundaries and experimenting with everything. Fedora, on the contrary, is the wise, mature adult who gets things done without all the unnecessary theatrics. So, if you want a Linux distribution that won't make you want to pull your hair out and shout expletives at your screen, Fedora is the damn way to go.

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