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insane girl rambles about boy

i'm either delusional

or suddenly a fucking hottie magnet......

there's this boy that moved into the neighborhood at around the same time i did and i like immediately fell for him. i mean i catch feelings for cashiers i'll nvr see again just cause they smile at me - my standards aren't very high BUT he's cuuuuute

i haven't gotten a good look at his face (ik ik) but he has this little mullet type hairdo and he wears baggy clothes like me we're practically soulmates at this point i'm ngl

anyway he says hi to me every damn time i'm walking down the street if he's alr out there too (granted, i'm always with at least 1 other person) and it makes me feel like he's about to get on 1 knee n propose LIKE does he love me orrrrrr.,,!,..... i do this everytime any guy looks remotely in my direction tho i think immm getting my hopes up too soon!!! i've nvr been shown interest irl before so i don't know if he's just being nice or my dream has come true n i found a boy who's into ugly girlss ugh pray for me man

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he literally wants you,,, its not delusion if its true! x_x

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YOU'RE ACTUALLY SO brain is telling me that he doesn't evn know what my basic personality traits are but my heart is telling me that i'm all he can think about during school n i think we all know which one is more rooted in reality :3c i am just irresistible

tysm for the encouragement homie

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ofcc ^__^ i hope it works out for you hehehe

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