today so far

very much raining i have to point out, i have a friend up in the big smoke that says its melting over there, i wouldnt be able to cope with that!

Today so far I went to my friend's flat and watched breaking bad, He has a collection of all the DVDs which is nice since I get to see all the extras/special features of each disc, We ordered a super overpriced pizza (£20 and it was tiny!!!!) and then went to the pub.

Well, I'm still at the pub typing this on my laptop right now... 

But we do have plans for the rest of the day!!!

Might go to the cinema and watch the barbie movie since they are still showing it, Tickets are £5 each so we might go to the 5pm screening... Before that we are debating on either going to the beach or hanging around on the field - I think we should just stay on the field because the beach will be cold, crowded by tourists and filled with sewage since yesterday was the day they release it in the water

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