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silly story abt urs truly !

there was this time where i was talking to this person who i thought was so cool nd stuff so i decided to actually keep talking to them and like interact with them instead of being awkward what not, right?? so, things are going great and this is probably the 2nd month of us talking and they bring smth up that's like "yea, uni has been SOOO hard on me lately.. idk what to do." and for a moment, i was like "yeaaaa school can be rlly stressful." but then i realized that they said uni.. like UNIVERSITY. 

so, i found out that they were grown and in college so i had to obviously drop them but oh my GOD. we weren't friends for long and they didn't know much about me but it was still the most horrifying thing ever cuz wdym ur in uni..

that's all guys.

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