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This a quick rant about this generation (please do not attack me if you dont agree)

I just want to make a rant on what this generation has become. I remeber when I was around 5-7 I loved being a kid but I wanted to grow up but I did not dwell on it to much. Now that im a bit older I see kids getting bullied ALL the time for acting their age. The thing is these kids are practically pressured into being grown up. I see kids making literal THIRST TRAPS on Tik Tok and wearing very reveling clothes. Now, on their part it is not their fault if you think about it. Kids are being bullied into being grown but when they act grown they get bullied even more. No I am not saying they shoudl wear clothes like that because pedophiles are everywhere im saying their being pressured into doing it. The average 13yr are wearing crop tops and booty shorts which can cause unwanted attention from pedo's. When they do act this way, they get bullied for acting "to grown". The internet is also awful for kids to be on at a young age because of people like this. Another sad thing is if you were a kid during 2013-2018 you probably have seen shopkins , monster high,my little pony, and more. The resellers in this generation are very outrages. If you go on ebay or anything half of these items cost up to 100's of dollars for a DOLL..yeah a doll. Anyways, I just feel bad for the younger kids in this generation with getting bullied for acting their age. If you are a kid reading this, im so sorry for the things you have to deal with but the internet is not a very friendly place and just please do not waste your childhood away dwelling on being a teen or an adult just live your life freely! And so what if your getting bullied for like "Childish" things, I think they are awesome! So yea that was my little rant if you have a second opinon on it I would love to hear it just dont say it in a attacking kind of way. Anyway Bye! - Sylvester <33

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