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Unity and their ridicilous decisions.....

Recently Unity has made the brave decision to charge developers per install. I find it to be rather moronic. It truly proves that Unity is ran by greedy bastards who do not even care about their customers/game developers. I know this won't affect most people.. but... I think people should move to some other game engine, preferably one that's FOSS.. After all these idiotic decisions they've made in the past 5 years we shouldn't trust them.

Just to prove how stupid this is:

Let's say you've made a game which is very successful with 2 million installs and you've earned about 300k from the game. If I understood their idea correctly - they start charging money after you make 200k and the game gets installed at least 200k times. Sooo... you'd have to pay 0.20(2000000-200000) dollars. That'd be 360k dollars... almost twice as much than you've made. Ridiculous, right?

I truly feel bad for those developers who've been using Unity. Currently they're getting fucked in the ass by the corporation with no lube. I wish all of them the best, I really hope they are okay :) I understand how stressful this is, getting punished for literally no reason.

TL;DR: fuck unity

Idk if I understand the situation completely so if anyone wants to - please let me know more :)

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Mig and Szwarty

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Another symptom that the markets are being run by CEO's desperate to make their growth bonuses on products which have reached their maximum market potential and are now throttling the cow for the last drops of milk.

You see this with Twitter, Google etc.,.

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