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yoshoku's first blog and what's goin on

haiiii!!! i just made this account a few mins ago...i heard people here are nice and this site is cool so i came here to see what's goin on ya now :D

First up, I heard Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune's coming to our local arcade tomorrow that's why I got the soundtrack in here but don't ask how I got it tho, anyways this is gonna be the most epic moment in my life!! ik I need to shill out a few dollars to get those tuning cards to save up for my sweet ride but that's okay :DD but before that I oughta grab a quick bite then I'm gonna go to Will's to grab my PS2 back, yk I gotta save up for GTA SA this summer cause it seems to be pretty cool, i just saw the trailer on tv... ^_^

Also can't wait for the next cosplay convention next year!! :D

yoshoku signin out!!!! thanks for readin my first blog!!! ^_^


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