Avoiding detentions (slight vent lol)

diary entry.

i wore the "wrong uniform" today, it was my sport uniform on a non sport day. i thought i wouldve gotten away with it because it is the last day of term. but i guess not. I got a detention slip on the last day of term, hell no. im not going lol
hopefully they forget about it during the two week holiday
i just wore some clothes that feel better on me. that makes me a bad person, somehow. isnt that cruel? isnt that unfair? and arent i the innocent one here? still, its hard to feel entirely right when ive been taught that this is the right way for almost a decade. its hard to break from that. 
even on our last day, we have work to do. even on our last day, we are being punished unfairly. even on our last day, we are not allowed to have fun. this angers me. why do they think their in control of us? why do they do things like this? well.. i know why. i know very well. and i know that one day im going to get out of here. 

there is no freedom here
there are no dreams here
there is no hope from this place, only the fire in my heart keep me safe from the darkness of this world. this world is scary and unsafe, but we have no choice but to call it home.
Im going home one day. 

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This might seem really stupid to get upset over but I hate being controlled lmfao (Kris kinnie moment)

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Update: im chilling in the bathroom writing this on my phone and NOT going to detention. Mum might get annoyed a tiny bit but I doubt she’ll punish me, I think my dad understands how a feel a little.
Let’s see how long I’ll avoid this detention >:)

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