DNI + BYF list


People who make sayori jokes, DSMP supporters, proshippers, usual DNI list here, and thats about it !! otherwise youre completely fine !! (also please be careful abt tonetags, if you dont use them I will not know whether you are joking or not. So please use tonetags !!)

Alzo I will block people who zpread mizinformation abt important topicz and people who zupport endo zyztemz !!! Fakeclaimerz alzo zhouldnt interact, I will block you. If you do know me irl pleaze do not zpread my deadname around it iznt ok.

I alzo will block you if you get zuper prezzed abt me not liking a zhip. I dont like certain onez. Deal w it.

Prozhipperz, comzhipperz, loliconz, and people of that type will be blocked.

People againzt neopronounz and xenogenderz will be blocked.

People who think that problematic charz arent problematic becauze theyre "hot" will be blocked.

Dottore ztanz will be block.

People who zexualize pjzk charz will be blocked.

Thin Ice

Cutegore enjoyerz.


Fanz that get really hype when you don't like zmth.

People who have the "cutegore" layout.


Scaranation peepz (y'all are zmth elze....)


Even if you have juzt friended me I will infact act like we are bezt friendz. Be warned.

Pleaze uze tonetagz.

Getting really pizzed at me and zaying rude thingz will rezult in a block.Β 

Juzt a reminder, if I do zomething wrong, tell me. I dont wizh to be in the dark abt that kind of ztuff.

I am very dry in imz, I will interact w you better on bulletinz.

I get very anxiouz when talking to people 😞😞 plz be patient 

If i do end up not anzwering your imz im not trying to be rude i jz have no clue of what to zay . . .  (im zorry 😞)

I have absolutely shit memory and I forget literally everything also I zone out easily (like every 5 minutes or so) so uhh yea !!


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question, what is cutegore? /gen

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Gore that is made into a cutesy style
Such as blood + guts that are light/pastel colors
Or blood + guts mixed w cutecore things

by ⚜ π•Ώπ–π–Š π•¬π–ˆπ–ˆπ–šπ–—π–˜π–Šπ–‰ π•²π–†π–—π–‰π–Šπ–“ ⊱; ; Report

eugh.. weird lol /gen /srs

by .so.1ndecisive.; ; Report


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just fyi sugar is a pro/comshipper & self proclaimed loli!

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I'm a dsmp fan but am a fan because of karl,sapnap,tubbo,tommy,niki,wilbur,badoyhalo some times dream

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yeah, jokes about Sayori are really just low hanging fruit at this point

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I want you to guess

by Lillllllllllllllllllllith; ; Report