IM BACK (asked nobody) and school sucks <3


Started a new year in school, which has been interesting, to say the least.

They royally fucked up my schedule, put me in an elective I didn't even apply for. Usually, I'd just deal with that, but they put me in that class with a guy who sexually, verbally, and physically harassed me and my friends. Not only that, but they put me in 2 other classes with him too. So that's been a big ol' cowabummer, but he's too much of a little bitch to try and start trouble again. I'll just have to deal with him acting like the victim all year, booo.

Besides that, I now have all my friends in my lunch period, so thats prettu baller.

At least its just one more year before I get the sweet relief of going to college. Everyone tells me it's better than high school, those bitches better not be lying to me because I can't take another 4 years of shit like this RAGH.

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