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Vent I guess lollz

 This is probably very personal but I have to say it SOMEWHERE. 

I HATE BEING BORN A GIRL!!!!! I WISH I WAS BORN A BOY!!!! I don't want to trans my gender. I wish I was BORN a boy!!! Like, being a girl is okay and all. I don't care when people call me a girl or she or anything. I DONT CARE! 

BUT! I see all these videos of like teenage boys being teenage boys and it makes me so sad and jealous, I want to experience what they're experiencing. Sure I can do it as a girl. But it doesn't feel the same. 

It's not JUST the gender thing. I feel like I CAN'T form connections with people. I don't understand why. I can't just hang out with people, it doesn't work that easy for me. 

TLDR; I wish I was a teenage boy and could be a normal person

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