idfk what i’m doing, hiiiii

genuinely so so glad this place exists. i was too young to have myspace back in the day but i always looked at it from the outside and saw people like myself, people i wanted to be like in terms of self-expression, and longed for a time when i could do what i wanted, be who i was, without limitations. 

part of me feels like the existence of this site is a second chance at getting to be part of a community like that. maybe it’s hella cheesy to get sentimental like this but idk.

only problem is i have no clue how this works or how to engage w/ ppl >_< 

if ur somewhere seeing this, plzzz teach me how to engage w/ this site and like,,, idk,,,, maximize the experience?? someone plz help a fellow introverted internet b1tch out orz

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